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Gaddr Star

Become An Ambassador!

Being a Gaddr Ambassador

You are an important part of Gaddr

We treat our Ambassadors with care & want to help you contribute as well as gain exposure to our partners & creator-users.

You obtain the Ambassador status by spreading Gaddr in your unique ways in videos, images and blog posts.

We reward Ambassadors who surprise us most with their reach, engagement & creativity with giveaways from our partner brands, events & services in gaming, lifestyle & tech.

Perks with #GaddrAmbassadors Community

+ Exclusive giveaways from brands, events & partners

+ Higher share of payouts on Gaddr Clubs

+ Part of Gaddr Ambassadors Club: connect to other Ambassadors, share knowledge on how to be better Ambassadors together & collaborate on projects

+ Updates, streams & webinars by the creators of Gaddr at Social Profile

+ Spotlights, interviews, extra attention in other Gaddr Clubs & social channels

+ First demos of big updates

+ Have personal chats with us at Social Profile & visit our HQ in Stockholm (Sweden) to meet us & play/record in our in-house VR studio

+ Previews of upcoming events & opportunities to get involved

Find out more about Gaddr Ambassador Program here

Become an ambassador