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Explore the world & all people.

With One Unified Identity.

"A Social Media game changer"

Easy to find = Easy to connect.

Improve loyalty, traffic & relationships.

Up to 15x more Cross-traffic


increase in

Click-through rate


 more follower loyalty

Everything that is you, in one identity for social personas & virtual reality. You choose how others find & view you.

Your Digital Identity Online

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Gaddr To Connect Anywhere

Always get the Content of the people you are interested in. Always know their usernames,

no matter what platforms they use.

Just Gaddr them.

And more..

Billions of People & Posts

Find anyone, anywhere, and all their posts, in seconds. Global exploring driven by artificial intelligence.

Organize content & Inspire with collections.

Make creative & engaging post collections. Make collections for anything you want.

Save & Inspire with collections

Tune your feed through lists

Create lists of people and tune into collective frequencies. Get inspired and inspire the world through lists.

Community with Clubs

Grow as a creator through insights

Create your own fan clubs, discussions, communities & brand page. Monetise your content & reward your audience. You can make clubs for literally anything.

Know you audience through Gaddr Insight. Know what they are interested in, where they come from, how gaddr is boosting your growth and much more.


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One place for all your Social Media Profiles & Content.

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